I'm not going to lie, I checked out the last couple of days. Game 5 was hard to watch. After fighting back from a two game deficit, the Pacers squandered their opportunity to seize control of the series. They didn't just lose, they got trampled.

But such are the playoffs. The swings in momentum will give even the sturdiest of necks whiplash. This will be the first post-season elimination game that this young, inexperienced group has faced and anyone who tells you they know how the Pacers will respond is lying. Even so, if Indy is a team that plays its best 1) at home and 2) with its back against the wall, then tonight is just what the doctor ordered.

The keys to the game are not new. Fight on defense, clean the glass, make shots. Do those things and we get an epic Game 7 in the Garden. Fail to do those things and it's piña coladas on a beach (for the players, at least – unfortunately I'll have to go on with my daily life next week whether we win or lose).

If you have an hour (or 30 mins and like to hear people talk at 2x speed), I highly recommend Caitlin's breakdown of the adjustments the Knicks made in Game 5 – notably inserting McBride into the starting lineup to harass Haliburton. This time of year, genius strategies often only work until the opposing team has a film session. With two days to figure out how they want to attack the Knicks' new look, let's hope the McBride era goes as fast as it came.


Tyrese Haliburton is off the injury report for the first time since Game 4 of the first round. OG Anunoby is out again tonight.

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Tipoff is at 8:30 PM ET.


Radio: 93.5/107.5 The Fan

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