That's right, Twoosiers. Game-freaking-seven. MSG. What more could a Pacers die-hard ask for? Other than a win, of course...

Actually, if the team shows up and plays inspired, hard-nosed basketball, I can even live with a loss. From the very beginning, this season was all about taking the next step. Going from lottery team to playoff team. Going from All-Star to superstar. Going from inexperienced to experienced.

The simple fact that the Pacers are playing in a winner-take-all contest in the second round of the playoffs – in front of one of the most hostile crowds in the league, no less – is a major success. This is the kind of experience that you can't buy. It must be earned.

And the Pacers have earned it. Despite all of their flaws, they've been fun and competitive all year. From the IST to last Friday at the Fieldhouse, they've given us no shortage of stellar performances in big games. They've bounced back from ugly losses and shown resolve when they've looked backed into a corner. Moreover, they've exuded camaraderie and positivity on and off the court.

I won't lie, there have been moments where I've cursed at them through the TV. "Play some [redacted] defense!" "Quit letting these [redacted] bums hang around!" "Tyrese, shoot the [redacted] ball!"

But overall, the '23-'24 Pacers have simply been a joy to root for. Let's hope we continue to get the privilege for another 5+ games.


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Tipoff is at 3:30 PM ET.


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