Dear Sir:

You don't know us yet, but this letter hopes that you will come to know and understand the people of Indiana. Because we as fans have already begun to fall in love with you as a person and as an elite player. I can promise you we don't begin this relationship lightly, the fans in Indiana know their basketball. We grow up watching it in lower schools and follow it (and players) right through to college. That is once we have given up our childhood driveway hoop dreams of becoming that star. We know the rules....what we like and what we don't like. We like players that play with heart and gusto, that bring to bear whatever skills they possess to struggle against all odds to win.

Pascal we are an imperfect people, our state has many flaws (as I am sure you will come to see), but the adulation we express for excellence on a basketball court is not flawed.

We really care...we live and die (metaphorically of course) by the box score...and Sir we want to see your name in that box score that says Indiana Pacers for some long time. We want to watch you grow a winning culture here along side your team mates. The faces you see in the stands, that clamor for your signatures, that roar approval and bemoan mistakes are real Sir. They are working stiffs with lives that want to interact with the box scores, on social media, at games. Sure we have fat cats, pundits and greybeards and we all know this is a business at this level. You and your agent have to see to your future and always say the right thing in public....f*ck all that noise...we want you a Pacer for now until you decide to hang it up Sir, to place you in the storied history of the Blue and Gold. Please stay.

a fan

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